Development of DetailCAD was started in the early 90s when Marvin Alexander began working on a detailing program for some of the local detailers in the Birmingham area. Marvin was going to school and working full time for one of the local detailing firms. Once Marvin received his engineering degree he decided to open up a computer sales and service business. (See Spider Computer on the home page.) Marvin's expertise in computers as well as his detailing experience is very beneficial to any of the current users and new users. It is often said that Marvin is among one of the best detailers, computer technicians, or programmers around.

In 1993 David Crow of Structural Plus began looking for a detailing program to help him in his detailing business. (See Structural Plus on the home page.) After looking at several detailing packages David decided his best option was to go with DetailCAD. David purchased a copy of DetailCAD from Marvin and began to customize it with some of the items he wanted to see. About a year later Marvin and David decided to join forces to make DetailCAD become one of the best programs available. Since that time DetailCAD has become one of the more popular detailing programs around and has grown to over 300 users.

Our DetailCAD staff now consist of 4 people and our number of users is well over 300. We are a small firm and strive to stay that way. Marvin and David still run their other businesses but with somewhat limited input. We have an additional programmer in India, Sajith, who helps us with our code writing. We try to keep all of our code writing limited to 3 people in order to keep a tighter control over our finished product. Our accountant/bookkeeper makes the 4th person. David and Marvin handle most of the support so when you call you are usually talking to one of the owners, programmers, and detailer all rolled into one. However if you call David's office and he is busy you can usually talk to one of the detailers in the office and they probably can answer most of your questions.

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