Try Before You Buy

At DetailCAD you try our package out before you buy the software. This allows you to know if the package will work for you before you purchase it. See pricing on the home page for more info on this.

Operating Environment

Our package runs inside of AutoCAD 2000 thru 2012, and 2004LT thru 2006Lt and 2012LT (Lisp Toolkit required for LT). AutoCAD is where most of the final products end up and having your program work inside of AutoCAD is in our opinion the best solution. Our software runs on win98 thru windows 7 32bit & 64bit.


Our program is fully automated with columns being generated based off beam input. Our erection drawing program will generate details automatically from erection drawing input.

CNC Downloading

DetailCAD downloads in to cnc equipment and unlike many other systems you do not have to regenerate the detail to generate changes in the cnc file. You can modify the detail in AutoCAD and the cnc data is generated from this modification.

Create Your Own Connections

With DetailCAD you can create custom connections or as we call them user connections. With the ever changing industry this is of great benefit on the more complex jobs.

Fast and Accurate

Many of our customers have some of the more expensive 3d detailing packages and they tell us they do the bulk of their work with DetailCAD because it is faster than their other programs. We have also had several customers tell us they paid for DetailCAD before the evaluation package ran out.


We detail for many different fabricators in our detailing firm, consequently we had to write our program to detail to their standard as well as shop bills. DetailCAD has shop files that you set up for each customer. These files tell the computer how the shop you are working for wants their details presented.

Great Looking Details

DetailCAD produces one of the best looking drawing currently available from any software program. Our details look as if they were produced by a detailer with many years of experience because our programmers were detailers.

How we keep the cost down

Since both David and Marvin have other businesses we can keep DetailCAD's initial cost and update at a very reasonable cost. See pricing.

Quick Learning Curve

The learning curve for most of our users is days not weeks as with other programs. A detailer with Autocad experience should be producing detail sheets the first day.

Support and Programmers

Support and updates come from detailers who are using the software that they write. You never have a problem with the programmers not understanding what the detailer need because the programmers are detailers. Our turn around time on resolving problems is usually overnight.

Training Tool

If the past few year our firm Structural Plus has brought in many young trainees and had them productive and making us money in days. DetailCAD has totally change our detailing company, most of our detailers are young people that are very aggressive and anxious to do more and more work.

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