Here at DetailCAD we are detailers as well as software developers and we know that having the option to do a job in either format will allow the user greater flexibility. Our plan input, with 3d model, method is due to be released in the spring of 2001 and will allow the user to create erection drawings from dialog boxes. From these erection drawing the 3d model along with shop details will be created automatically.

Many of our users already utilize a function in DetailCAD called job matching where the columns are generated automatically from the beam input. Our feed back from them is that on certain many jobs this really cuts down on detailing time. They also tell us that some jobs that they do not utilize job matching and want the same flexibility from our Plan input with 3d model.

Click here To see a sample of our erection drawing input dialog boxes.

NOTE: the dialog boxes shown are in the development stages and do not represent the finished product.

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